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Compressor is an indispensable and important part of factory equipment, petrochemical equipment, air conditioner and industrial refrigerators. These industries require bearings with low heat generation, long life, resistance to various working conditions, low noise, low vibration, etc.


Pumps are widely used in various industries, such as petrochemical, paper, irrigation, food processing and beverage processing. Bearing performance has a crucial impact on pump efficiency and reliability.

UBC adopts exquisite technology to optimize bearing product design, improve bearing quality, extend bearing life, improve bearing capacity and reliability, so as to improve the efficiency of the whole equipment by reducing maintenance time and downtime.

Power Transmission

Due to its high power density and high load, power transmission industry needs to adopt bearings of the highest quality, improved performance and cost-effectiveness.

UBC selects suitable bearings with adequate precision level based on the actual application position, operation conditions and environmental conditions to ensure bearing life and reliability.

Industrial Robot

UBC has developed the fourth generation small sizes tapered roller bearings designed and manufactured for robot RV. For development of this product, UBC customized multiple experimental equipment to imitate the working characteristics of robot, classified special experiments, and summarized several technical requirements for extending bearing life.

Cross roller bearings and needle roller bearings for RV reducers are also within UBC’s supply range.

Construction Machinery

Despite the heavy loads and harsh conditions, construction operators are under pressure to push equipment to keep productivity high and downtime low.

Dust, mud and heavy tremendous loads – these are the challenging conditions under which construction machinery must operate. Unlike typical passenger cars, construction machinery must first and foremost be tough.

Metallurgical Industry

Metallurgical production equipment are operated in extremely harsh environments, where machinery is exposed to high temperatures, water and dusts. The bearings used in such equipment must continually withstand heavy loads and high speed rotation.

Agricultural Machinery

As a reliable brand and supplier, UBC has been enjoying a good reputation and customer base in the agricultural machinery industry.

UBC deep groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearing are widely used in tractors, harvesters, planter’s axles and gearboxes for different applications.

Mining, Mineral processing and Cement

In fully mechanized mining equipment, 70% to 80% of the accidents are concentrated in shearers, while 50% of the accidents of shearers are due to mechanical faults caused by bearing failure and gear damage. 

Paper Mill

The working environment of the bearing in paper mill is very harsh, often accompanied with high temperature, dust and water. No matter what kind of papermaking equipment, papermaking equipment manufacturers often have pressures on both cost down and improving equipment efficiency.

UBC bearings designed and manufactured for papermaking equipment will extend the bearing life and maximize the bearing load capacity.


UBC has developed and manufactured many promising bearings for wheel hubs, drive shafts, engines, gearboxes and axles.

UBC's wheel hub bearings, clearance is pre-adjusted during bearing assembly, so there is no need to adjust clearance during installation.

Electric Motor

UBC’s EMQ5 series deep groove ball bearings are of super quiet bearings when running, with pressed steel cage, G10 grade steel balls and imported grease to keep the noise level lower than 26 decibels, which is most suitable for household appliances.

Sugar Mill

The environment of the sugar mill is very harsh and the requirements for bearings are relatively high. It requires bearings can withstand dirt, water, dust, high temperature, heavy loads, etc.