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General FAQs

Where are UBC bearing products manufactured?

UBC bearings and Auxiliary Bearing Products are manufactured in China-based plants and affiliated facilities and similarly sourced from a number of countries specializing in bearing manufacturing. We only use the most advanced precision manufacturing technologies that ensure our products conform to international standards.

What is UBC's product range?

UBC's product range can be classified into three main categories: Precision Bearings consisting of the standard ball and roller bearings; Special Application Bearings comprising of large-size engineered and super-miniature bearing solutions and Auxiliary Bearing Products like seals, green rings and grease. UBC strives to be the bearing aftermarket leader. Moreover, we continuously develop new product lines in pre-anticipation of market trends and needs.

Where are your service centers?

UBC places great importance on before-and-after sales service for our customers, thereby ensuring that service centers can be located conveniently. We have service centers in the following countries: China, Philippines, India, Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan and Turkey.

In which languages is UBC capable of servicing the international market?

UBC's international offices are located in the Philippines, India, Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan and Turkey; with staff, technicians and managers who are fully capable of providing before-and-after sales services in their respective local languages. In UBC's Shanghai office, which functions as the company's corporate headquarters, Sales and Customer  Representatives are all versed in both the English and Chinese language. Furthermore, representatives from the local offices can travel as required to any region.

Do you have your own freight forwarder?

We use the services of Win Mime Logistics and have been in cooperation with them for the last five years. They currently handle 80% of our export requirements from 2006-2007 proving to be a most cost-efficient forwarder  However, should you prefer to use your own freight forwarder, we can arrange for this; but we are unable to guarantee best prices. 

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